Sunday, June 18, 2006


Can Bill Gates end terrorism?

Bill Gates is to be commended on his choice to work full time on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He has helped the world a great deal already imagine all the good he can do working at it full time. Do you think he has the ability to end terrorism?
A recent question at a
Simpleology 101 forum-- “Will eradicating poverty end terrorism?”
Ending poverty will not end terrorism.

Will education end terrorism? Hitler, Castro, Saddam, and Bin Laden were all very well educated and rich? So what will end terrorism?

One thing only will end terrorism…Love

So take another lesson from Bill Gates – go out and love your neighbor.

The one thing that distinguished the Samaritan from the others is that he did something!

So what has this to do with AIDS orphans? See the children pictured here – they have no one in the world, no mother and on this Father’s Day, no father. They are at a delicate age they can go either way towards good or evil, make an effort this week to give a hand to those who are giving them love.

Happy Father’s Day.

God bless you. Sr.MB

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