Sunday, May 28, 2006


Orphans remember their Teacher!

When thinking of your school days did you ever feel like saying, “No one ever taught me nothing!”—or should it be anything! Once we’ve been through school it’s easy to think that we taught ourselves all we need to know! Not so! Have you ever watched a first grader struggling to hold a pencil to form the letters just right! We would be nowhere without our teachers.
The children pictured here in Zalambessa, Ethiopia took some time to thank their teacher Sr. Antonia! They are 70 in the classroom with others who were not registered because there was not enough room sitting outside the window hoping to learn too!
It’s Memorial Day tomorrow! Besides remembering the fallen soldiers that gave us our freedom, take some time to thank or at least say a prayer for your teachers, that set you free when they taught you to read!! Think for a while where you would be without the education you have. Perhaps you can give an orphan a chance to learn! "Euntes Docete Verbum Domini" Write me your thoughts.

God bless you.

Sr. Mary Beth

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